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SpaceAPI for OS X

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SpaceAPI for OSX

SpaceAPI for OS X helps you to track the open/close status of your favourite hackerspace. Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz)

open/close indicator

SpaceAPI for OS X provides a simple status indicator icon in the OS X status bar.

manual refresh

If you can not wait until SpaceAPI for OS X updates the status, you can do it manually.

show selected space

At any time you can click on the status indicator icon to check which hackerspace you have selected.

set update interval

Of course it is possible to adjust the update interval.

hackerspace list from

On startup, SpaceAPI for OS X fetches the current list of hackerspaces implementing the SpaceAPI.

select your hackerspace

At any time you can select your preferred hackerspace. SpaceAPI for OS X saves the selected hackerspace for you.